Holmes County is known for being a choice destination for sportsmen as well as main campus of Holmes Community College, and most recently for the launch of its new mobile-friendly website.

Yalobusha County, once home to the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian tribes and later becoming a thriving railroad community, continues to play a prominent role in the economic progress of Mississippi.  The recent launch of their new website exemplifies the eagerness of Yalobusha County residents to grow and advance in a rapidly changing world. The website features the latest digital trends in online customer service, design, navigation, search and accessibility from virtually any device.

U.S.NEXT launched three new county and city websites during July, August and September of 2017:

  • Wilkinson County -
  • Scott County -
  • Marshall County -

The safety of county residents continues to be the primary concern of Perry County Sheriff Billy Jones.  The recent launch of their new website,, confirms their commitment to safety by providing information regarding the operations of the Sheriff’s Office and serving as a valuable resource for the public. With easy-to-use navigation and mobile capabilities, the website assists with community policing efforts.

We launched 10 new county and city websites during April, May and June of 2017:

  • Bienville Parish -
  • Lincoln County -
  • Caldwell Parish -
  • Yalobusha County -
  • Coosa County -
  • Amite County -
  • MS Assn of County Administrators -
  • Jefferson County -
  • Leake County -
  • Perry County Sheriff -

Steeped in history and cultural traditions, Madison Parish is focusing on progress by recently launching a dynamic and picturesque website. The new site,, puts information and resources at the fingertips of Parish residents. With mobile friendly capabilities, the new website takes advantage of the latest available technologies to provide a better experience for users.

Plenty to do and plenty of friendly people to do it with.  This has been Caldwell Parish’s recipe for success for over 170 years.  The recent launch of their new website,, has made it easier and more convenient for Caldwell Parish residents, visitors, and businesses to stay focused on developing and expanding their community.  With its eye-catching design and colorful navigation tabs, the website serves as a valuable tool in relaying information and servicing community needs.

Getting information to the public in a timely and convenient manner is one of the primary goals of the Board of Commissioners. With that goal in mind, Lamar County, Alabama has launched a new website that makes it easier than ever for citizens, businesses, and visitors to access information about the County from their computer, tablet, and mobile phone. The newly designed website includes functionality that will aid the County with getting resources to the public quickly and easily.